My Reading Term 3

How I became a better reader was I read a lot and I also read harder books. Now I read harder books. My favourite series of books is the Magic Tree House. When I was reading in September I had to read easy books. I hope you like my reading.

The Water Cycle

This is my water cycle video. I learned so much about the water cycle. I know all the words for the water. Do you know the water cycle? The science word precipitation means rain. The science word Evaporation means water vapor. Condensation means water vapor turning into a cloud. Transpiration means plants sweating.

I Wish I was

I wish I was a diver because they descover other things  under water.  Divers have to be careful because a shark could come or a giant squid could come.  Some divers don’t servive because something dangerous could be around you.

I Went To The Hospital

I went to the hospital and I had to put on magic cream on both elbows and then we had to put a sticky thing over the magic cream.  They had to take blood samples they they had to poke me with the needle seven times and it hurt only for a second.  After they poked me with the needle they had to take a x-ray picture of my stomach.  Have you ever been to the hospital?

Eagle Article February

One day up in the Bahamas some sharks were sneaking up on people. Sharks can be very dangerous, like the great white shark. Did you know that when you are squirming the shark gets more excited? There are a whole bunch of different sharks. Here’s some of them: tiger shark, great white shark, basking shark, whale shark, blue shark, and six-gilled shark. That’s all I know.